Adopt a Shark

Want to help our efforts of raising awareness while helping funs shark research in the Cayman Islands? Join our Adopt a Shark program.

The goal of the program is for a classroom, corporate team or any individual to raise awareness and at least $1000 to Adopt a Shark.

Research gear is expensive. A single acoustic tag costs about $1000. This will be the “adoption fee”. 

We suggest that you incorporate this into any environmental/oceanic themed module and we will leave it up to the schools or business to decide when and how to structure this (by class, by year group etc.) Our team will be very happy to collaborate with teachers or business team leaders on ideas and we are available to come and give educational talks to kick things off or at any time throughout the campaign.

We want to make the kids and adults alike as excited about sharks as we are!

What do the teams get in their adoption package?
For each $1000 that they raise they get to adopt and name a real Shark living in Cayman waters!

We will also provide: 

1.) Certificate of Adoption
2.) SharKY Mascot Toy
3.) SharKY Stickers
4.) SharKY Poster
5.) SharKY Photo

7.) Fact sheet containing general information about the adopted Shark species, and also personalized information pertaining to their adopted Shark:

We will provide ad-hoc updates twice for the first adoption year on what their Shark has been up to

This year we are tagging beautiful reef sharks as seen in this picture

This year we are tagging beautiful reef sharks as seen in this picture


Want more information on you, your school or business Adopting a shark

Want to help us raise awarness and/or funds to help shark conservation efforts in Cayman call Karen on our support line 345-326-7599 or fill out the form below:

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