The boys in East End

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Bash Brothers and Little Basher – the boys in East End

The Bash Brothers are two male Caribbean reef sharks in East End of Grand Cayman. They like to swim together, one behind the other, on the edge of the wall. Recently a smaller male shark has joined the team – hence “Little Basher”. One of the Bash Brothers has a distinctive scar on its gills. You never know whether they show up or not. Some days they may be inquisitive and check out the divers, yet on other days they may just ignore you. So there is a good chance you may see them when you go diving within their home range.

Figure: One Bash Brother (gill scar) on right and Little Basher on left, two local Caribbean reef sharks (Carcharhinus perezi) from East End, Grand Cayman.

Photo Credit: Johanna Kohler

Karen Singh