Outreach, Education and Fundraising

Sharks are viewed by an unfortunately large number of people as a threat and a danger, not as wonderful animal that provides balance in the marine environment. It is important to promote educational awareness and the importance of the conservation for these key animals. The research team holds public talks to raise public awareness and to inform the public of the information gathered from the project. These include talks to local schools and community, business and social groups as well as distribution of various leaflets.

In June 2016, the SharKY Fest was a huge success uniting children, fishermen, Caymanians and families for a fun, shark-themed afternoon.

Our collaboration with the Cayman Island Brewery has resulted in the first shark conservation beer, White Tip Lager, globally. The Brewery kindly offer support by donating a percentage from each White Tip beer bought to the White Tip Shark Conservation Fund set up through the Dept. of Environment and Marine Conservation International. Even though we have great partners supporting our cause we still need money to advance our knowledge of sharks and how we can best protect them. If you have ideas on how to raise funds or would like to donate your time to help further a fundraising initiative please fill out the form below. 

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Want to help us raise awarness and/or funds to help shark conservation efforts in Cayman call Karen on our support line 345-326-7599 or fill out the form below:

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